Vaz - The Lie That Matches The Furniture + single

Allez, je parle français, c'est plus facile, et que ce soit pas toujours aux mêmes de faire des efforts, non mais des fois ^^
J'ai été absent plusieurs mois, c'est que je suis très occupé, et je suis pas certain d'avoir plus de temps aujourd'hui, mais l'occasion fait le fanfaron, toutes les requests sont les bienvenues et voici donc le premier album de Vaz, auquel j'ai ajouté le premier single (trouvé sur un autre excellent blog, Sister Hell, j'ai pas beaucoup de mérite, il s'agit de Hey One Cell / No Leaf Clover).
Pour mémoire Vaz est le groupe formé par les ex-Hammerhead après le départ du chanteur. C'est moins violent, plus nuancé, plus expérimental, mais ça assure quand même très bien.


Loop - Fade Out

Third album (1988) of this dark noisy psychedelic band, close to the Spacemen 3, but a lot more angry ! How much I've listened to it, phew...
This is a must have.


Surgery - Trim, 9th Ward High Roller

Their most known EP, probably it was better distributed, just before the release of Shimmer, in 1993.

Surgery - Shimmer

Second and last album, a good album.

Surgery - Nationwide

Surgery was a noise band, even if they had strong blues influences. They were so a bit different if you compare to other Amphetamine Reptiles bands. Their first album was really good (1991), even if it's not the best band to start with if you want to know what noise-rock was.

Tar - Jackson

Really good album too, issued in 1991 (what a year). If someone knows where to find the other albums they have made, just let me know, it's all I know from them.

Tar - Toast

Here is a great pop-punk-noise band unfortunately less known than some others, I don't know why, and they made 4 or 5 albums and existed from 1988 to 1995. they came from Chicago, were signed on Touch & go, and sounded very close to Big Black.


Pain Teens - Beast of Dreams

Last album of the band issued in 1995

Pain Teens - Stimulation Festival

Fourth album issued in 1992 from this fantastic band. They came from Houston, Tx. Their music was hard to get into, because it was dark and frightening, and because they were not like the others, screaming and making distorted riffs over pop melodies. They used to experiment a lot, and not many people can understand this kind of music.


God Bullies - Kill the King

Their last album issued in 1994. The more accessible to date, and a must-have too. Songs like Hate or Pretty on the Inside with this long dialog that seems to be issued from a pornographic movie makes me mad.

God Bullies - War On Everybody

Fourth album issued in 1991. Quite similar as the previous one, maybe a little more angry.

God Bullies - Dog Show

Third album (the second one was issued only on vinyle, I don't know it) issued in 1990, the blues side had disappeared. Better than Mama Womb Womb I think.

God Bullies - Mama Womb Womb

The God Bullies came from Minneapolis and were, of course, signed on AmRep. They never gain the fame they deserved to, but, what a band ! Back in 1989, here is their first album, close to death-rock, in which you feel some blues roots. Their music always makes me think to horror movies, it suits perfectly to zombies and other funny stuff : rather slow tempo, deep sound of bass, guttural voice, noise guitar, and many experimental ambiant pieces, extracts from movies, strange sounds. All of this is very dark, but with a big sense of humour.


Pavement - Terror Twilight

I miss the previous one, how strange, maybe have I lost it ? But well, here is the last Pavement album, and everybody went to cry : the 90's were now really dead.

Pavement - Wowee Zowee

Excellent stuff, as usual

Pavement - Crooked Rain Crooked Rain

Second "real" album of the band.


Pavement - some singles

Well I have decided to put all my Pavement records. So here are a few singles, stuff received by record companies, I admit I haven't listened to them very much, some songs are probably the same as those into the albums.


Pavement - Westing (by Musket and Sextant)

Soon after the success of Slanted & Enchanted, this release was not their second album, but a compilation of their early singles, various tracks and so on made before Slanted. This is nearly better than Slanted & Enchanted, we can say it.

(if anyone wants more Pavement albums, just ask. You can find them easily in other blogs but if you're a bit lazy, I'll be happy to help ;) )

Pavement - Slanted & Enchanted

Well, is there any need to talk about this album ? In 1992, Pavement had a huge impact on the indie scene with Slanted & Enchanted. They put on fame the "lo-fi" movement, invented a new way of creating album covers, had a non-star attitude (the singer, traditionnaly interviewed as the leader, let the other members talk to journalists), and on top of that had a lot of humour (their first drummer was standing at the door before the concerts, shaking hands or saying hello to people who came to see them play). And of course, this album is fantastic.


Compilation - Petite Oreille

So here is a special one, especially for parents and old punks that have got children. This was a compilation made by Boucherie Prod in 1996 with all the label's bands, and dedicated to children. So you can find there industrial bands, punk bands, folkish bands, even britanny folk, anything, in a crazy funny melting-pot. This is perfect to listen to in your car with your children, and I must admit it comes to my ears regularly since it was issued. And you can sing along with your son and daughter without feeling stupid, and hoping they will become angry punks one day and do what you failed in : change society. Yes, it's a must indie-family have. To name but a few : The Garçons Bouchers, Sttellla, Near Death Experience, Kni Crik, Les Elles, Alan Stivell, Charlélie Couture, Gabriel Yacoub, etc.

Becketts - Myth

Myth was issued in early 1992 if I remember well. I saw them live in a little place, I remember one of them (Michael Chinaski, the singer ?), very well, he was so, how can I say... clumsy, fragile. The kind of people that could have become a huge star... or the last loser you ever wanted to meet. Oh I forgot to say : the Becketts were produced by John Parish (who recently issued an album with PJ Harvey), he also played on a few songs.

Becketts - Three Songs EP+Western Lands EP

Let's talk a bit about Shoegaze. (The) Becketts didn't last long, but their 2 singles and one album were great stuff, far away from stardom. Those who liked the Pale Saints we'll be very happy to discover this band. They had all for them in the world of "shoegaze" : they were sad, shy, not looking good, and make a very noisy and sensitive music. Here are their only 2 singles (same link on both images). For those who will recognize another song in the one called "Chance", yes, you're not wrong, it's an amazing version of "Dreams Never end" by New Order (well I think so ;) ).


fIREHOSE - Fromohio

And finally the third one (1989). They issued after that 3 others albums.


And then the second one (1987). Note the cover, with an Hüsker Dü poster on the wall ;)

fIREHOSE - Raging', Full-On

This is the first album of fIREHOSE (the band that succeeded to the Minutemen), issued in 1986. Quite good, but I think less amazing than the Minutemen.


The Beloved - Where It Is

Back in 1987, just before I became a bad boy listening to noise rock (boooh) I remember being very impressed by this album, the first one of The Beloved. And I now understand why : all in this is very close to Dreams Never End (New Order). The bass sound is really the one of Peter Hook ! You can read on All Music Guide a bad review, but well I really disagree, it's a great record.
Then The Beloved, or at least the founding member, Jon Marsh, changed completely their music and went into dance-pop, like the Shamen, or a lot of people at the time.


7 Year Bitch - Viva Zapata

Don't care about the title : Viva Zapata has nothing to do with the mexican revolution. This is an homage to their friend Mia Zapata, singer of The Gits, who was raped and murdered while coming back home one night, and also to their guitarist Stefanie Sargent, who died by overdose at the same time. This was their second album, issued in 1994.

7 Year Bitch - Gato Negro

Their third and last album (1996), the most accessible surely. They disbanded soon after the release.


Salad - Ice Cream

Last album of the band. The scene had changed at the time of this release (1997?), and no one really cared about them anymore, people were now into Oasis or Suede...

Salad - Drink Me

The first album of Salad, back in 1995. It contains the wonderful hit "Drink the elixir". A very good album in the same vein of the previous singles.

Salad - Singles Bar

Everybody watching MTV's "120 Minutes" at the time (1994) knew this TV host : Marijne Van Der Vlugt. She left MTV to care about her band, Salad (what a stupid name...). The band was playing a kind of power-pop like anyone at this time, with a bit of noisy guitars, you could compare Salad to The Breeders in a way.
The first two single were great, and soon issued on a full CD, Singles Bar.


T.S.O.L. - Dance With Me

Dance With Me is the first album of TSOL, issued in 1981. After this one they changed their music, and lost their early fans...

T.S.O.L. - Black Weathered Statues

T.SO.L. (True Sounds Of Liberty) was a punk band from California. They gained soon a strong following (first EP : "Black EP", first album and second EP "Weathered Statues"), with their music, somewhere between Circle Jerks, Dead Kennedys and Adolescents, a kind of dark and morbid hardcore punk close to death rock. This is a compilation of the first 2 EP's.


Mission Of Burma : Peking spring

First issued only on tape in 1985, this album covers the same period of "Forget", with rarities, but it mainly contains six songs that were scheduled for the second album that never saw the light. This is the CD version from 1993.

Mission Of Burma : Forget

Issued in 1987 after the split, this album contains demos and outtakes from 1979 to 1982. A good way of introducing the band if you don't know them.

Mission Of Burma : Signals, Calls & Marches

Mission Of Burma are probably the Van Gogh of the post-punk era : no one nearly did gave a f*** to them when they were active, and everyone is claiming they were one of the best post-punk outfit today. And, they were, really. A strong, noisy and dark music, sometimes close to Gang Of Four, with a lot of sensibility. This was the first EP, containing the famous single "That's When I Reach For My Revolver", covered by Moby some years ago.

Mission Of Burma - Vs

The first and only album of Mission of Burma, issued in 1982... before they reformed 20 years later !
A must have.


Métal Urbain - Chef d'œuvre

second part :

Métal Urbain is the only french 77' punk band to get some fame outside of France. Actually, there was not a lot of bands in France, and less to be able to issue a LP (2 ? 3 ?). Here is the double-CD reissue, it contains everything they made at the time : the full LP with demos and outtakes.
Don't bother : Metal Urbain invented electro-punk and noise-rock before anyone else. Their music was intense, paranoiac, schizophrenic and angry as hell. The singer doesn't sing, he spits. They disbanded soon before making an industrial —or let's say experimental— outfit, Dr Mix & The Remix. Then they disappeared during 20 years to resurface with this reissue. Since then they have made another great album in 2007 "J'irai chier dans ton vomi", that you can translate by "I will shit in your puke" (can you imagine they are 50 ;)... on which Jello Biafra himself went for a sing.
An absolute must-have !


Spermbirds - Eating Glass

Last album of their "trilogy", before the singer went away, issued in 1990. Then the music changed, I admit I wasn't much interested, because the way of singing of Lee Hollis was so special. I think they made 2 more studio albums during the nineties. As far as I know they are back nowadays... well like everybody from 1977 to 2000, aren't they ?

Spermbirds - Common Thread

Common Thread was issued in 1989. Another great album.

Spermbirds - Nothing Is Easy

The Spermbirds were a german band playing a typical 90's hardcore : intelligent, non-conformist, evolutive, somewhere between the Circle Jerks and Alice Donut, in a word really good !
This is their second album issued in 1987, but the first being known.


Minutemen - 3-Way Tie (For Last)

The last studio album of the band. It contains wonderful melodies. Next to this, they should have become huge probably, but one night, while D. Boon's girlfriend was driving their van, and while he was sleeping behind, caught with flu, she fell asleep and they had a car crash. D. Boon died in a second. Mike Watt and George Hurley wanted to stop music, but they were convinced to go on, and founded fIREHOSE.

Minutemen - Post-Mersh, vol. 2

This compilation contained the EPs "Buzz or Howl Under the Influence of Heat" (1983) and Project Mersh (1985). Maybe the best CD to get.

King of the Hill :

Minutemen - Double Nickels on the Dime

44 songs in one album ! This album is probably their master piece along with 3-Way Tie (For Last). It has something magic in it.

Minutemen - What Makes a Man Start Fires ?

Their first real "long-play" album (1983), if you can call it like that ! Still full of hardcore influences, but other styles are coming in each song.


Minutemen - The Punchline

The first album of the Minutemen (1981). Intelligent experimental emotional hardcore, if you can call it like that. the longest song lasts only 1 minute and twenty seconds !

Minutemen - Paranoid Time

The Minutement began their career along with Black Flag. They played a really powerful hardcore, fueled with funk, jazz, pop melodies, always experimenting, always uncompromising. D. Boon, Mike Watt and Goerge Hurley had a deep political mind and all their songs were very engaged. Everyone loved them, every bands, but their signature on SST was not enough for them to get fame, and you can understand that because their music was hard to get into.
This is their first EP, back in 1980. 7 songs, only 5 minutes...


Minor Threat - Complete Discography

Shall I introduce you to Minor Threat ? The first band of Ian McKaye, later founder of the famous Fugazi band and of the Dischord label. Straight-edge hardcore punk (that meant "let's be punk, but sane punks, not into drugs, drinking, and... fucking, because if we want to fight the system, we have to be in good health with all our senses opened" —without fucking they should have been priests, but well, the idea was good—).
This is a compilation of all they have done, with songs always less than 2 minutes. A classical one.