7 Year Bitch - Viva Zapata

Don't care about the title : Viva Zapata has nothing to do with the mexican revolution. This is an homage to their friend Mia Zapata, singer of The Gits, who was raped and murdered while coming back home one night, and also to their guitarist Stefanie Sargent, who died by overdose at the same time. This was their second album, issued in 1994.

7 Year Bitch - Gato Negro

Their third and last album (1996), the most accessible surely. They disbanded soon after the release.


Salad - Ice Cream

Last album of the band. The scene had changed at the time of this release (1997?), and no one really cared about them anymore, people were now into Oasis or Suede...

Salad - Drink Me

The first album of Salad, back in 1995. It contains the wonderful hit "Drink the elixir". A very good album in the same vein of the previous singles.

Salad - Singles Bar

Everybody watching MTV's "120 Minutes" at the time (1994) knew this TV host : Marijne Van Der Vlugt. She left MTV to care about her band, Salad (what a stupid name...). The band was playing a kind of power-pop like anyone at this time, with a bit of noisy guitars, you could compare Salad to The Breeders in a way.
The first two single were great, and soon issued on a full CD, Singles Bar.


T.S.O.L. - Dance With Me

Dance With Me is the first album of TSOL, issued in 1981. After this one they changed their music, and lost their early fans...

T.S.O.L. - Black Weathered Statues

T.SO.L. (True Sounds Of Liberty) was a punk band from California. They gained soon a strong following (first EP : "Black EP", first album and second EP "Weathered Statues"), with their music, somewhere between Circle Jerks, Dead Kennedys and Adolescents, a kind of dark and morbid hardcore punk close to death rock. This is a compilation of the first 2 EP's.


Mission Of Burma : Peking spring

First issued only on tape in 1985, this album covers the same period of "Forget", with rarities, but it mainly contains six songs that were scheduled for the second album that never saw the light. This is the CD version from 1993.

Mission Of Burma : Forget

Issued in 1987 after the split, this album contains demos and outtakes from 1979 to 1982. A good way of introducing the band if you don't know them.

Mission Of Burma : Signals, Calls & Marches

Mission Of Burma are probably the Van Gogh of the post-punk era : no one nearly did gave a f*** to them when they were active, and everyone is claiming they were one of the best post-punk outfit today. And, they were, really. A strong, noisy and dark music, sometimes close to Gang Of Four, with a lot of sensibility. This was the first EP, containing the famous single "That's When I Reach For My Revolver", covered by Moby some years ago.

Mission Of Burma - Vs

The first and only album of Mission of Burma, issued in 1982... before they reformed 20 years later !
A must have.