Surgery - Trim, 9th Ward High Roller

Their most known EP, probably it was better distributed, just before the release of Shimmer, in 1993.

Surgery - Shimmer

Second and last album, a good album.

Surgery - Nationwide

Surgery was a noise band, even if they had strong blues influences. They were so a bit different if you compare to other Amphetamine Reptiles bands. Their first album was really good (1991), even if it's not the best band to start with if you want to know what noise-rock was.

Tar - Jackson

Really good album too, issued in 1991 (what a year). If someone knows where to find the other albums they have made, just let me know, it's all I know from them.

Tar - Toast

Here is a great pop-punk-noise band unfortunately less known than some others, I don't know why, and they made 4 or 5 albums and existed from 1988 to 1995. they came from Chicago, were signed on Touch & go, and sounded very close to Big Black.


Pain Teens - Beast of Dreams

Last album of the band issued in 1995

Pain Teens - Stimulation Festival

Fourth album issued in 1992 from this fantastic band. They came from Houston, Tx. Their music was hard to get into, because it was dark and frightening, and because they were not like the others, screaming and making distorted riffs over pop melodies. They used to experiment a lot, and not many people can understand this kind of music.


God Bullies - Kill the King

Their last album issued in 1994. The more accessible to date, and a must-have too. Songs like Hate or Pretty on the Inside with this long dialog that seems to be issued from a pornographic movie makes me mad.

God Bullies - War On Everybody

Fourth album issued in 1991. Quite similar as the previous one, maybe a little more angry.

God Bullies - Dog Show

Third album (the second one was issued only on vinyle, I don't know it) issued in 1990, the blues side had disappeared. Better than Mama Womb Womb I think.

God Bullies - Mama Womb Womb

The God Bullies came from Minneapolis and were, of course, signed on AmRep. They never gain the fame they deserved to, but, what a band ! Back in 1989, here is their first album, close to death-rock, in which you feel some blues roots. Their music always makes me think to horror movies, it suits perfectly to zombies and other funny stuff : rather slow tempo, deep sound of bass, guttural voice, noise guitar, and many experimental ambiant pieces, extracts from movies, strange sounds. All of this is very dark, but with a big sense of humour.


Pavement - Terror Twilight

I miss the previous one, how strange, maybe have I lost it ? But well, here is the last Pavement album, and everybody went to cry : the 90's were now really dead.

Pavement - Wowee Zowee

Excellent stuff, as usual

Pavement - Crooked Rain Crooked Rain

Second "real" album of the band.


Pavement - some singles

Well I have decided to put all my Pavement records. So here are a few singles, stuff received by record companies, I admit I haven't listened to them very much, some songs are probably the same as those into the albums.