The Passions - Sanctuary

I got a love story with the Passions, a post-punk band who made 3 albums, including the famous single "I'm in Love With a German Film Star", at the beginning of the eighties. This is their third album, long forgotten but as good as the others. Ripped from vinyl.

Butthole Surfers - Independant Worm Saloon

Crazy psychedelic-punk-noise from Texas, the Butthole Surfers did influence many bands. I don't know why, but this makes me think to the side-project of Alain Jourgensen's Ministry, the Revolting Cocks, without the industrial side : same humour, same violence. A must-have.


Hammerhead - Ethereal Killer

Noise band from Minneapolis signed on Amphetamine Records (where else), who gain critical acclaim (at least mine) in 1993 with this album. Good to strike your head on the walls with anger.

Crisis - We Are All Jews and Germans

1 / 2

Before founding the controversed band Death In June, there was Crisis, a (post) punk band already fulled with the darkness and cynical "humour" later used. There are bad things to play with like political extreme messages (Crisis was extreme-left, Death In June used to show an extreme-right image), but the music is here, and it rules !


Conflict - The Ungovernable Force

Another eighties album, vinyl rip.

Conflict - Increase The Pressure

Second album, half studio, half live, made in 1984. Vinyl rip.

Conflict - It's Time To See The Who's Who

Anarchists fighting for animal rights, famous UK hardcore and uncompromising band from the eighties, close to Crass and co. Vinyl rip.


Circle Jerks - Group Sex

A cult punk/hardcore band of the USA west-coast, founded by Keith Morris, ex-lead singer of Black Flag (replaced by Henry Rollins). Fast, angry, a must-have punk record.


Rosa Mota - Wishful Sinking

Rosa Mota came around 1994/95 with a very pleasant noisy-pop, direct heritage of the 87/91 style of Sonic Youth : half melodies half noise, dark music, screaming guitars. They made 2 very good albums, this is the first one.

Barkmarket - L-Ron

Dark, cynical and with a strong punk spirit, Barkmarket never had the success they deserved to. This album is still running in my ears 15 years after. Not far from people like Jesus Lizard or all the noise scene.

Malaria! - Compiled 81-84

German all-women band. Dark as hell. Some girls later formed the better-known Xmal Deutschland.


Huggy Bear - Taking The Rough With The Smooch

First album of the riot grrrl UK band Huggy Bear.

Huggy Bear - Weaponry Listens To Love

Famous riot grrrl band (with a male singer ;) ) from UK. Here's their second and last album


Davy Jones Locker - Green Album

Cult hardcore/noise french band. They made 3 albums, this one was issued in 1992 I think. Try it, you really need to !

Minny Pops - Sparks In a Dark Room

Second reedition album of this dutch band.


Minny Pops - Drastic Measures Drastic Movement

What can you say more : this was a Factory (Benelux) band. Dark, cold, electronic, they were from Holland I think. This is their first (reissued CD version) album, in 1979. Sometimes close to Cabaret Voltaire and industrial stuff. Their second one was closest to bands like Joy Division.

Love Battery - Dayglo

A typical "Sub Pop" band, as people called the new scene before someone called it grunge. SO they were not grunge, they played pop melodies over noise guitars, a really good band long forgotten. This is their first album.

Milk - Tantrum

One of the records I used to listen to every day around 1990. Where do they came from, I don't know. This was typical "grunge" (I hate this word) with something strange in it. They werre signed to Danceteria, a french label, which is unusual while every band of this kind where on Sub Pop & co at the time... this is probably why they disappeared from all memories.
Anyone who loves this music should listen to this Tantrum.


The Jesus Lizard - Liar

Third album from one of the best band ever from the noisy nineteens. This is pure noise and anger with a deep (post-)punk spirit. this album still makes me mad.


Afghan Whigs - Gentlemen

A famous U.S. band from the grunge era... a kind of dark spleening pop-noise, sometimes close to new-wave.

Rema Rema - Wheel In The Roses

Rema Rema is a post-punk band born at the beginning of the eighties. They did not many things, but this EP is great. All members later played in famous bands : Adam & The Ants, Wolfgang Press, Renegade Soundwave and Psychic TV.

Dave Ball - In Strict Tempo + Rare Tempo

Dave Ball was the "second man" in Soft Cell, with Marc Almond. He made this fantastic solo-album in 1983. Very experimental and not far from industrial music. Rare Tempo is a 12" issued the same year, featuring Gavin Friday (Virgin Prunes) and Genesis P.Orridge (Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV).


Dr Phibes & the House of Wax Equations - Whirlpool

Dark psychedelic Noisy album that appears at the beginning of the noisy era, during the 90's. Great foggy stuff.

Cold Cold Hearts

Ex-members of the riot grrrls band Bratmobile, formed this band in 1997 before coming back to Bratmobile... a fantastic album for riot grrrls and boyzzz.

Swell Maps - In 'Jane From Occupied Europe'

Famous post-punk band comprising Nikki Sudden, who died a few years ago, and Epic Soundtracks.

Wire - The Drill

Their most experimental album to date probably. One song remixed in so many different ways you nearly can't recognize it. Essential, as all Wire stuff.