Métal Urbain - Chef d'œuvre

second part :

Métal Urbain is the only french 77' punk band to get some fame outside of France. Actually, there was not a lot of bands in France, and less to be able to issue a LP (2 ? 3 ?). Here is the double-CD reissue, it contains everything they made at the time : the full LP with demos and outtakes.
Don't bother : Metal Urbain invented electro-punk and noise-rock before anyone else. Their music was intense, paranoiac, schizophrenic and angry as hell. The singer doesn't sing, he spits. They disbanded soon before making an industrial —or let's say experimental— outfit, Dr Mix & The Remix. Then they disappeared during 20 years to resurface with this reissue. Since then they have made another great album in 2007 "J'irai chier dans ton vomi", that you can translate by "I will shit in your puke" (can you imagine they are 50 ;)... on which Jello Biafra himself went for a sing.
An absolute must-have !

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  1. Good stuff.
    I missed these guys back in the day, but recently discovered them. They deserve more attention.