Compilation - Petite Oreille

So here is a special one, especially for parents and old punks that have got children. This was a compilation made by Boucherie Prod in 1996 with all the label's bands, and dedicated to children. So you can find there industrial bands, punk bands, folkish bands, even britanny folk, anything, in a crazy funny melting-pot. This is perfect to listen to in your car with your children, and I must admit it comes to my ears regularly since it was issued. And you can sing along with your son and daughter without feeling stupid, and hoping they will become angry punks one day and do what you failed in : change society. Yes, it's a must indie-family have. To name but a few : The Garçons Bouchers, Sttellla, Near Death Experience, Kni Crik, Les Elles, Alan Stivell, Charlélie Couture, Gabriel Yacoub, etc.

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