Becketts - Three Songs EP+Western Lands EP

Let's talk a bit about Shoegaze. (The) Becketts didn't last long, but their 2 singles and one album were great stuff, far away from stardom. Those who liked the Pale Saints we'll be very happy to discover this band. They had all for them in the world of "shoegaze" : they were sad, shy, not looking good, and make a very noisy and sensitive music. Here are their only 2 singles (same link on both images). For those who will recognize another song in the one called "Chance", yes, you're not wrong, it's an amazing version of "Dreams Never end" by New Order (well I think so ;) ).


  1. The latest at Pen & Mallet may be to something you are your readers enjoy...


  2. hello,they have a few other records,hot water flexi and The most beautiful girl in town,myth an album ecetera