Les Thugs - As Happy As Possible

Three years before Strike, this album was probably the last one of their first musical period, more fast than what they did after... but don't make me say what I haven't said : all Thugs albums are really good.

Les Thugs - Strike

One of the rarest french punk bands well-known in USA and part of the 90's scene. Great emotional punk, produced by Steve Albini, this is their album from 1996.


Alice Donut - The Untidy Suicides of your Degenerate Children

And the fifth one, the cover and the title are enough to appreciate those crazy insane people...

Alice donut - Revenge Fantasies Of The Impotent

Fourth album, I think with the previous post and the next to follow, you got the best of Alice Donut. this is from 1991. Still makes me mad.

Alice Donut - Mule

A dark angry cynical punk noise band, Alice Donut were rather apart from the rest of the 90's noise scene, and their music remains today very original. I saw them live around 1992, it was very amazing, with this singer screaming in its psychedelic coloured coat, and this guy blowing in its trombone, or the girl playing banjo... Mule is their third album, from 1990 I think, the one that put them on fame, if you can call it fame...


Th' Faith Healers - Imaginary Friend

Last album, in which you feel a lot more sadness than into the previous ones. Was it because they felt the end of the band was coming ? It was around 1994, I was so happy to see them live, I went to the concert but it was cancelled at last minute... and then they splitted... booooh.

Th' Faith Healers - Mr Litnanski

This is a 4 songs EP, BUT this is the best thing they ever done. If you don't know the band, begin by this one, I promise you won't be disappointed (and if you are, I'm very sad).

Th' Faith Healers - Lido

First "real" album, with a great cover of "Mother Sky", the famous song of Can.

Th' Faith Healers - L'

Here is one of my favourite band of this period, 1991-1994. Th'Faith Healers, without the "e", were signed on the wonderful Too Pure label. they played a kind of hypnotic dark repetitive noisy punk, I've been listening to all their records over and over year after year, and it still makes me mad today, I love them, I tell you, and you should too.
This is their first album, which was in fact a compilation of their first 3 EP's.


Halo of Flies - Music For Insect Minds

Noisy before noisy was popular, close to Sonic Youth with a psychedelic touch, this is a compilation of their work from 1985 to 1991.


Loveblobs - Prehistoric Extraction

One of the best noise album I've heard (back in 1992), close to Unsane, Hammerhead and co. Those guys were on Wiiija, the label that signed Silverfish or Th'Faith Healers for example. This is a CD compilation of their 2 EP's, they unfortunately did nothing more, but, whooooo.

Siouxsie & The Banshees - Donwside Up

1 / 2 / 3+4

Fans waited years and years to get this : all the B-sides of Siouxsie & The Banshees.


Heavens To Betsy - Calculated

Well, you don't give a f*** for sure, but this album and this band played really exactly the same music as we used to with my band, except we only had one woman, singing. We played the same thing, at the same time, how strange, but one became well-known, and the other never done anything. Guess which one ? If only I knew Heavens To Betsy at the time, I could I have wrote to them, I don't know, or send a tape at their label (Corin Tucker later formed Sleater-Kinney). I could have been famous, earn a lot of money, be like Bono and spend holidays in the sun and not lose my time posting old stuff on blogspot.
So this is really good and dark riot grrrl style now ;)

Swell Maps - A Trip to Marineville

The first Swell Maps album (1979), one of the best thing you have to listen to if you like post-punk. This is really really amazing, mad, dark and angry.

United Balls - Pogo In Togo

This is german post-punk from 1982 I think with a touch of ska, it's epileptic and fun, you only have to see the lyrics : "no more bango in Kongo but pogo in Togo, samba in Uganda, Coca-Cola in Angola, aruba in Kuba, only banana in Ghana." Nice, isn't it ?


Silverfish With Scrambled Eggs

And last post concerning Silverfish, their famous and great EP. What a cover !

Silverfish - Organ Fan

And then the album that put them on fame, more melodic maybe. But the last one, too, before Lesley Rankine went on trip-hop with Ruby.

Silverfish - Fat Axl

And now their first real album ladies and gentlemen


Silverfish - Cockeye

Silverfish got huge bollocks, even if the singer was a girl. Noise hardcore hard for ears music. This is their first album, compiling their first 2 singles.

The Dictators - Go Girl Crazy

Guess what ? Before the Sex Pistols (UK side) or the Ramones (USA side), some people were punks before the name was put on their music. We call it proto-punk. Here's one of the best example of really good punk before the punk.


Therapy? - Pleasure Death

Second mini-LP, issued the following year. A must-have like the first one.

Therapy? - Babyteeth

First EP by Therapy?, a classical noise-metal-indus from the marvellous year 1991.

Nomeansno - Wrong

Crazy hardcore noise canadians, this is high energy and high fun, the kind of thing who should be given by your doctor.


Headcleaner - Au Fou

Headcleaner appeared in 1993, they were close to Therapy? or Hammerhead (see below) : angry noise with epileptic dancing rythms, and a huge bass sound. The kind of thing you couldn't stay quiet listening to.

The Young Gods - L'eau rouge

Second album, L'eau rouge (trad. "Red water") conquered anyone who listened to this at the time, including myself. I remember we all went mad and listened to the album everyday during months. Don't forget that, in 1989, at least in France, we only had boring new-wave while Uk was dancing on acid-house, there was no energy at all in music and no-one knew about the bourgeoning noise scene in the USA, so, apart from listening to old stuff, the Young Gods were fresh air in a suffocating time. After this they began to sing in english and became famous all around the occidental depressed bourgeois world.

The Young Gods - self-titled album

The most famous indie swiss band of the world ! They invented guitar samples and neo-industrial music. Their first album back in 1988.


Cabaret Voltaire - The Voice of America

Pioneers of the industrial mouvement, Cabaret Voltaire was at the time playing noise with their synths and disturbing your senses. The music was not violent with the rythms, it was violent with the emotion, the emptiness, the electricity. This is an experience anyone should have, and this album printed a deep impact inside of my head.
Sorry the archive is in Rar format.

Bratmobile - Girls Get Busy

Punk, yes, but with a touch of synth, good melodies, energy, anger... Bratmobile were one of the riot-grrrls band that anyone talked about, besides Bikini Kill. Their second album, less violent than the first one, and the one I prefer.