Rancho Diablo - Chicken World

This english band, signed on Mute, camed around 1995. They played a kind of angry electro-punk, with an experimental touch (what could you expect, on Mute), and it was one of the best album I've heard that particular year, when Suede and Oasis ruled the world. Nirvana was dead and all the noise bands seems etrangely away, and Rancho Diablo was really refreshing. But such a shame, they should have come today, where this kind of music should have got more echoes.
I think they did one album after that. A great forgotten band, with such bad graphic tastes all you can do is love them.

Oh well I add a video, it's a good way of introducing bands :


  1. WOW..... I'm glad to find this page. I love this Lp but what ever happened to this great band? PLEASE CAN SOMEONE LET ME KNOW ta Brett 07795 815413

  2. Working in factories, three kids and crying on their youth, probably, as everyone of us...

  3. Where is the attached video located? Can find it on YouTube