Th' Faith Healers - L'

Here is one of my favourite band of this period, 1991-1994. Th'Faith Healers, without the "e", were signed on the wonderful Too Pure label. they played a kind of hypnotic dark repetitive noisy punk, I've been listening to all their records over and over year after year, and it still makes me mad today, I love them, I tell you, and you should too.
This is their first album, which was in fact a compilation of their first 3 EP's.


  1. Génial !!! Je ne connaissais que "Lido" (avec le cover de Can).
    Merci pour ça... et le reste btw :)))

  2. Ouais les Faith Healers étaient parmi les groupes que je préférais à l'époque !

  3. can you upload this album again pleasee?? :)

    thank you, you have such great bands in here!!