Loveblobs - Prehistoric Extraction

One of the best noise album I've heard (back in 1992), close to Unsane, Hammerhead and co. Those guys were on Wiiija, the label that signed Silverfish or Th'Faith Healers for example. This is a CD compilation of their 2 EP's, they unfortunately did nothing more, but, whooooo.


  1. Salut FOP,

    merci pour tes posts,
    les Loveblobs ? je n'en avais jamais entendu parler, wiiija était vraiment un excellent label, les premiers cornershop, therapy, huggy bear, j'aimais tout particulièrement jacob's mouse casé entre un petit meag city four et un senseless things, ça avait vraiment la patate !
    à plus,

  2. god i hate the loveblobs! musically they were great, but i remember going to see the faith healers at the charlotte in leicester & they supported. The sound was shite and i said to my mate that the support sounded awfull. Went for a piss later and got beat up by two of the loveblobs for saying they sounded shite!