Minny Pops - Drastic Measures Drastic Movement

What can you say more : this was a Factory (Benelux) band. Dark, cold, electronic, they were from Holland I think. This is their first (reissued CD version) album, in 1979. Sometimes close to Cabaret Voltaire and industrial stuff. Their second one was closest to bands like Joy Division.


  1. Hello fat old punk (it comes to us all)... Minny Pops were indeed Dutch (and tall)... Thirty years later (I know, I wasn't minding the time either) they are going to play live once again. It will help if you are in the UK or Holland. There is info here at www.minnypops.com. And there will be a live CD/DVD, Standstill to Motion, released in early 2012 too. It sounds pretty good, but I guess it would - I'm a fat old fan.

  2. Hi Karen

    Thank you for the information, this is good news, really ! As for me, I am in France, so I think I will have to wait...