Milk - Tantrum

One of the records I used to listen to every day around 1990. Where do they came from, I don't know. This was typical "grunge" (I hate this word) with something strange in it. They werre signed to Danceteria, a french label, which is unusual while every band of this kind where on Sub Pop & co at the time... this is probably why they disappeared from all memories.
Anyone who loves this music should listen to this Tantrum.


  1. Actually, I can tell you a bit more about Milk.

    They were a three piece from London, and considered part of the "Camden Lurch" scene at that time. They first gained prominence when they toured supporting Th' Faith Healers. I must have seen they play live around twenty times, almost exclusively in small pubs around North London. Two e.p. releases had preceded this album, although none of those songs made it onto the album itself.

    They were signed to Eve Recordings, the record label run by Roger (who used to book the bands at the Camden Falcon pub). I believe that only covered the UK though and so it was probably licensed to other labels to be released elsewhere.

    This album was pretty much the band's peak, and then they fizzled out after that. I've forgotten the bass player's name, but he went on to join Stereolab after Milk had called it a day.

  2. Thank you very much for this information, there is so few about them on the web...